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Key Features

- Spot colour print with matt film lamination

- 3 piece jacket with magnetic closure

- Folding box board fitment with ribbon pull


One of the priorities with this job was nailing the print. As the client opted for simplistic artwork, it was imperative that the corporate colours were spot on (pun). To achieve this, we printed the artwork using the clients Pantone references and approving the print on press before going into production. The matt film lamination would not only add to the look and feel of the pack, it would protect the print from any scuffing and scratching.

The strong double magnetic closure would add yet more quality, providing a sturdiness to the pack that would be more than capable of keeping the lid closed and preventing the contents from coming out. Inside the pack, we used a lightweight but sturdy folding box board for the fitment, which would be made up of 2 parts, the platform and the tray. This was all glued into place ensuring the fitments couldn't move and finished off with a ribbon lift, which would make it easier to remove the product.

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