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Nike Tiempo
Key Features

- ​Leather embossed paper

- Silver foil blocking on slipcase

- Direct print onto folding box board, die cut and
inserted into the tray

- A matt faux leather material provided enough
grip to hold the boots in place

- Slow reveal ribbon pull​


We opted for a leather embossed paper for both the slipcase and the tray, contrasting the black and white material respectively to a high quality feel without looking too dark. The silver foil blocking allowed us to achieve a metallic finish to the artwork on top of the slipcase, as well as giving the end user a slight deboss to feel when handling the pack.

The ribbon pull goes hand in hand with the slipcase and tray, and we managed to achieve a slow reveal when the pack was opened. Once opened it was important that the print looked clean, and there were no edges on show. To achieve this we chose to avoid lining the tray in printed paper, instead opting to print onto a folding box board which could be die cut and inserted into the tray.

Finally, after offering several options to secure and present the boots, the client decided they wanted something more subtle. We decided to try something new, and found a matt faux leather material that provided enough grip whist fitting in with the sleek design.

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