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Rolls Royce
Key Features

- Fall front box

- Suede style material fitment to locate product

- Deep lid foam to hold the product in place


Designed to present a high end luxury model car, this box and lid was engineered to the exact specifications of the product. Covered in Silktouch Nuba, the outside of the pack not only looked classy but felt silky smooth, and the material paired perfectly with the silver foil blocked emblem.

On removing the lid, the front panel of the box would fall to revel the model. This had a great effect, but meant that conventional fitments wouldn't be suitable. We opted for a die cut board covered in a flexible Silsuede material, which would perfectly match the Suedelux material that lined the box and would hold the plinth of the model in place.

This would work in tandem with the dense black lid foam, which was designed to fit perfectly over the car and hold the plinth down, ensuring the product couldn't move around in it's journey overseas.

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